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Who We Are

We are Jay Stone Sales Associates, one of the leading representative firms in the beauty industry, who has built our success on making sure that we are there for our customers when they need us.

Our primary goal is to provide excellent service to our customers and principals. To accomplish this, we are committed to selling products and increasing business for everyone.

We are leaders and innovators in our industry. By advising you and our customers about promotional opportunities, we constantly work to improve sales and performance.

With our enthusiastic sales team, good rapport with our customers and your products we will be successful together.

Jay Stone Sales has a reputation for building honest, long term relationships with their customers. We value our customers and principals greatly. Our business has continued to grow year after year because we have a vision for the future.

Service is what Jay Stone Sales was built on and our services are what set us apart from the rest.

Why Use A Manufacturer's Representative

In today's fast-changing global marketplace, the key to future survival is flexibility. By using a manufacturer representative, your sales costs are always a fixed percentage of sales. When markets experience cyclical changes, sales costs decline with reduced sales levels. Trying to balance a workplace with layoffs and constantly evaluating salespeople becomes a thing of the past.
Some of the benefits are:

  • Straight commission.
  • Immediate access to major accounts.
  • Experienced salespeople and managers.
  • Local office presence.
  • Intimate knowledge of what it takes to do real business with our target accounts.

Think of us as your regional sales office immediately staffed, knowledgeable of the accounts and territory, highly motivated, carrying complementary (not competitive) lines. Just like a direct regional office, we do not own product. We do all of the other sales-related functions.

  • Inside salespeople follow your order through placement, delivery and collection.
  • Attend and arrange meetings with key management and buyers.
  • Plan and implement your advertising and product placement strategy with our accounts.
  • Bill the product directly, receive the funds directly, and pay us commissions based on our sales.

Our Portfolio

  • Manufacturers

  • Full Service

  • OTC's

  • Re-Distributors

Why Use Jay Stone Sales?


Territories and Coverage




United Kingdom

The different types of distribution in our area include:

  • Full Service

  • Franchise Full
    Service Dealers

  • Wholesale / Retail
    Beauty Supply Stores

  • Ethnic

  • Nail Product

Meet the Team

  • Jay Stone

    Jay Stone



  • Kendall J Stone

    Kendall J Stone


  • David G Harrison

    David G Harrison

    Manufacturers Representative

  • Joe Delgado

    Joe Delgado

    Manufacturers Representative

  • Marcy Barta

    Marcy Barta

    Sales and Office Support

  • Esmeralda Medrano

    Esmeralda Medrano

    Sales and Office Support

  • Lucy Ponce

    Lucy Ponce

    Sales and Office Support

  • Ali Brouilette

    Ali Brouillette

    Sales and Office Support